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Sneaky Sex With Wife’s Sister – BrazzersExxtra Brandy Renee

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Sneaky Sex With Wife’s Sister – BrazzersExxtra Brandy Renee – Damion Dayski is about to see his wife’s sister, Brandy Renee, for the first time since his wedding night. What Damion’s wife doesn’t know, though, is that Damion and Brandy secretly fucked right before they tied the knot. With an epic reunion in the works, Damion is in the near impossible position of trying to sneakily fuck Brandy again and keep it all hidden. After Brandy immediately comes onto Damion in the main entrance, Damion walks in on her in the shower, giving Brandy the idea to send him some sexy selfies of her perfect tits and juicy ass. Although Damion gets caught masturbating to the pictures, his wife doesn’t clue into the fact that he was jerking off to Brandy. Punishing Damion by sending him to sleep on the couch actually creates the perfect opening for sneaky sex with Brandy, leading to Damion’s wife being the architect of her marital destruction.

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